Saturday, February 22, 2014

Clothing Drive

Our Cooper Leaders participated in a tradition that Cooper has started. We were proudly a part of a clothing drive to help the Disabled American Veterans Thrift Store (DAV). It started just after Thanksgiving and ended right after Christmas. We had a giant box in the school's lobby and were able to fill it up twice. We even have bags that still need to be delivered! We help the DAV Thrift Store because they help us deliver all of the sixth grade camp luggage to Howell and back. In order for us to give back, we host clothing drives. Cooper has developed a wonderful relationship with the people at the DAV Thrift Store.  We encourage everybody to stop in the DAV Thrift Store and make a donation or buy some of their stuff. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books has officially started! Kids who participate will read up to seven books. There are 30 teams of fifth graders and 17 teams of sixth graders. Each team chooses a day to meet during their lunch/recess to discuss what they have read during the past week. On March 18th all the competitors will go to Franklin High School and answer 24 questions that have to do with the books that they read. This is truly an extraordinary event and is very fun to watch. Lets wish all our competitors the best of luck!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Career Day

On Friday, January 31st, Cooper had Career Day. Career Day is a day where people from different areas of work come to Cooper to show us how they do their job and how they use the 7 habits in their everyday life. Some of the jobs that have been demonstrated are a lawyer, dance instructor, police K-9 officer and many more. All the jobs were very fun to watch. The eye bank director brought in a real eye ball, the director of new media (channel 7) face-timed someone in the newsroom to show the students what it was like there. The infection control specialist brought in plush germs and told us what each one did. The geologist brought in a lot of rocks that were all found in Michigan. Please thank all the Cooper staff for organizing this event as well as the presenters that took time out of their day to show us what their jobs are like.