Thursday, June 4, 2015

I AM Wall

We have an I AM wall in one of our halls that kids made with their own I AM sayings. It's nice what they had to say. They were even proud of what they said. Some were happy to be funny and weird and unique and it's amazing to see all these kids in our school being proud to be different! We're so happy to hear what they had to say! They will someday inspire others to be proud and different!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Baby Chicks in the Classroom

One of Cooper’s 6th grade teachers, Ms. Spence had baby chick eggs for 21 days in her classroom. Here are some things she had to say about her experience with them.

“I've been doing this, just about every year, for my whole career. We have the eggs for 21 days. Students have to turn them 5 times a day in order to keep the embryo from sticking to the shell. Students take both the eggs and the chicks home on the weekends to tend to them. We kept the chicks for a little over a week”

Adrianna, a 6th grader in Ms. Spence's class wrote “A Chick's Life” as if she had been the chick that was hatched out of the egg. Very interesting information!

A Chick’s Life by Adrianna
My life starts out at day 1. It starts after my parents lay me. I become a little dot inside an egg, and I grow throughout 21 days, and then once the 21st day is over, that’s when I'm supposed to be hatched. I grow on top of the yolk and while I'm growing, I'm eating the yolk to make room for me to hatch, because after 2 weeks, I get really big and it’s super tight inside the egg all because of me. But before I hatch, I pop the air bubble, and peck at the egg’s shell.

Now I just hatched yesterday. I need to get well fed and lots of water. My owners need to feed me. The way they feed me is they pour food into one of my cups and the water in the other. They set it in my “room” and let me have at it. Once I finish it all, that’s it for the day. Normally I get super full after everything I did today. Then it’s the owner's job to clean out my cage every other day to clean up my mess.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Lead With Popsicle Sticks

Mrs. Dedomenico had a project for everyone at Cooper. I’ll give you a hint, it had something to do with art and  popsicle sticks. Our teacher gave each student a blank popsicle stick to draw a pattern of their choice. Students at the work-a-thon glued the sticks together to make a big mural that says LEAD. Our first attempt at it didn't work because the popsicle sticks fell off, so we did it again and it worked perfect. It is the most creative project ever!! It is hanging in the lobby for you to enjoy.

Game Night

In March, Cooper held a game night where students where able to come with their family to play games together. Learning Gizmos, located in Warren, sponsored this event and sold many copies of the games that were played. Staff ran the game stations and helped students learn how to play each game. Students were allowed to go to multiple stations. Below are some pictures of game night. If you came to game night please leave a comment telling us about your favorite game!


A lot of our student helpers worked hard on the hallways to make this already beautiful school even more beautiful by adding their own touch. They added color and the 7 Habits! As you walk through the halls you can see the big panels with the 7 habits painted on them. It's pretty amazing! They even made a lighthouse out of bottle caps and it is hanging up by the water fountain in the main hall. Many students participated in making these and hanging them up at our second work-a-thon. It was a lot of fun watching so many students work. Everyone should be proud of what they have accomplished. You could feel proud too by participating next year!!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

March is Reading Month


March is reading month, and there are various activities we are doing to celebrate the joy of reading. Here is a complete list of things we are doing, something you could do after school, and interesting things that are happening this month around the world.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Career Day

Career Day is when our student leaders get to learn about other people’s jobs and how leadership plays into their jobs. It was on January 30th this year.

Our 6th grade students took a survey with Mrs. Bowling and our 5th grade students took a survey with Mrs.Garbutt to decide on their 3 favorite jobs. Then all the students were assigned three jobs to attend on Career Day. Everyone got at least one of the jobs they requested.

Some of the jobs that came included: a dance instructor, hotel manager, veterinarian technician, and so much more. During Career Day we had singers singing, a team of students talking about leadership, and cheerleaders doing leadership cheers.
Each student saw 3 different presentations. The three jobs that I got to see were
a human resources manager, the Director of Media -WXYZ-, and the U.S. mechanical engineer.

They all did such a great job!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Fifth Grade Trip to Ford Field

Recently four 5th grade classes went to Ford Field. Students learned how you should be a team player and especially how to work as a team. Being on a sports team or being a sports player is not just about winning the game. It's about working as a team. Each team player has a certain thing they are best at. They all have a certain job to make a good team. You have to learn to take all these great abilities and teach them to work together as a team. Even though the two teams are technically “against” each other because of being on different teams, it does not mean that the players cannot be friends or even best friends! Both teams have leaders!

OK 2 Say (Online Safety)

Recently, a spokesperson from the attorney general's office came to our school to talk to us about Internet safety and cyberbullying, all part of the Ok 2 Say program. Here are some tips, pointers and guidelines they told us. First things first, you can reach your friends and/or family in many ways, which include Facetime, Skype, Snapchat, and many other popular social networks. That's why it is also important to ask a parent or guardian before getting online. Second thing, Cyberbullying is on the Internet and it can be very hurtful to a person, especially if its consistently (all the time). This could happen daily and can cause a lot of stress to somebody. You have the choice to ignore it or you can do many things to stop this from getting out of hand. You can block, report or even tell an adult. But to prevent any of this from happening you can be sure to only accept family and close friends on any social media accounts and be sure to make your account private. That will definitely help protect you, your friends, and your family. This is a very serious matter and you're putting yourself and others at risk if you're being cyberbullying you need to speak up and tell someone. These could be you’re friends, family, or even your teacher.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Rock Star Savers

Rock star savers is back, come save at the Zeal Credit Union! It’s like a bank for kids. When you join you can put in as much money as you want into your account, even a penny! When you sign up, they give you five dollars to start. Whenever you want to take money out, you just have to ask your parent or guardian to write a note saying that it is ok! An exciting thing this year is that the credit union changed their mascot's clothes to orange, and touched it up a little. So come be a rock star saver today!      

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Youth Making a Difference

Cooper student leaders are busy at work with Youth Making a Difference, a program where kids can help the community with different issues or things that they think they should make a difference in the community.

There are lots of different things that students can do. They can help raise money for the homeless. They can work at the soup kitchen. They can do something as simple as shoveling the snow for the lady across the street. So many kids are working really hard on their Youth Making a Difference project. A few groups raised money, so that they can buy presents for foster or needy kids. Isn’t it so amazing that our student leaders have such giant hearts?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Variety Show

We are very pleased to announce that this year's variety show was a big hit! More than 50 people including the stage crew were participants in this amazing event. For those of you who don’t know what the Variety Show is, it's like a huge talent show with 5th and 6th grade children who want to show the school community what they can do, or in other words their talents! To top off this article, we have a few pictures of this year's show that you will hopefully enjoy!