Sunday, April 13, 2014

Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books is officially over! Congratulations on everyone who participated! All 47 teams read seven books and went to Franklin High School to answer really hard questions about the books. A total of 24 questions were asked. The stands were filled, the teams were scared, everyone was nervous for their team. Once Mrs. Bowling asked the questions, teams had 30 seconds to talk it over. As soon as the time was up, Mrs. Bowling called a team to have a student come up to the microphone to answer. Some questions were hard, some weren’t. At the end Mrs. Bowling announced the top five teams. First place went to… The Super Sporty Readers! That team consisted of 7 girls and 2 coaches. The team members were Maddie, Megan and Cassie in Mrs. Kimball’s class, Angela in Mrs. Webster’s class, Emily in Mr. Lietz’s and Allison and Riley in Mrs. Erickson’s class. Allison and Riley also made the amazing t-shirt design for all the competitors. Their coaches were Mrs. Esker and Mrs. St. Ledger. All the teams did an amazing job! Congratulations Super Sporty Readers!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Leader in Me Symposium

Earlier this month, Cooper was a lucky school to be chosen to represent the Leader In Me in a symposium. People from all across the country came to our school to learn about the Seven Habits and the Leader In Me. They asked questions to the student panel and were able to ask the Cooper parents and teachers about stuff that kids may not have been able to answer. Some of the students were tour guides and gave the guests a tour around Cooper, and other students were chosen by their teachers to talk about some of the cool and exciting things that their class has been doing. The sixth grade vocal students performed, The Cup Song (Leader In Me version) in front of them. They did amazing. We are so lucky that our school was chosen for such a cool event like this. 

94 guests arrived on a bus.

Our guests were welcomed by students in the cafe.

Students showcased their leadership skills.

Our guests asked the student panel questions.