Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Lead With Popsicle Sticks

Mrs. Dedomenico had a project for everyone at Cooper. I’ll give you a hint, it had something to do with art and  popsicle sticks. Our teacher gave each student a blank popsicle stick to draw a pattern of their choice. Students at the work-a-thon glued the sticks together to make a big mural that says LEAD. Our first attempt at it didn't work because the popsicle sticks fell off, so we did it again and it worked perfect. It is the most creative project ever!! It is hanging in the lobby for you to enjoy.

Game Night

In March, Cooper held a game night where students where able to come with their family to play games together. Learning Gizmos, located in Warren, sponsored this event and sold many copies of the games that were played. Staff ran the game stations and helped students learn how to play each game. Students were allowed to go to multiple stations. Below are some pictures of game night. If you came to game night please leave a comment telling us about your favorite game!


A lot of our student helpers worked hard on the hallways to make this already beautiful school even more beautiful by adding their own touch. They added color and the 7 Habits! As you walk through the halls you can see the big panels with the 7 habits painted on them. It's pretty amazing! They even made a lighthouse out of bottle caps and it is hanging up by the water fountain in the main hall. Many students participated in making these and hanging them up at our second work-a-thon. It was a lot of fun watching so many students work. Everyone should be proud of what they have accomplished. You could feel proud too by participating next year!!