Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Our 2014-2015 Blog Team

This year we have a group of new bloggers. We are so excited to get started. The blog team is a group of student leaders that write blog posts weekly for the student blog, Through the Eyes of a Leader. This is our first post and we are really excited! Each member of the team, introduces themselves below.

Hi my name is Hunter  and I am very happy to be on the blog team this year. I wanted to be on the bloggers team because I love writing. Ive been waiting everyday to start the bloggers team and I am very thankful.

Hi my name is Shenandoah and I am very happy to be on the blog team this year. i wanted to be on the blog team because I have seen other bloggers and they say its very fun. I like to write a lot so I decided to try to get into the blog team! I like to draw to. I am so thankful to be on the blog team!   

Hi my name is Jolei. and I’m really happy to be on the blog team this year! I like to write, so I thought this would be fun to do.I enjoy writing about things that are going on in school. It gives me a chance to see what the students in our school would do to make Cooper a better place! Our goal is to post weekly.

Hi my name is Hanna and this year I’m part of the Cooper blog team! I wanted to be a Cooper blogger because I have  experience with blogging at home and I really enjoy it! What I want to get out of being a Cooper blogger is to have a chance to share our news and upcoming events with other students and parents and even other Cooper Leaders!

Hi, my name is Tyler and I’m glad to be a part of the blogger team this year! I wanted to be on this team because I thought it would be fun to blog about how we show leadership here at Cooper! Our blog posts show the community how students at Cooper are becoming great leaders. Our goal is to post blogs weekly.

Hi my name is Lauren, I was on the blog team last year and am very happy to be on the team this year. I absolutely love writing and could write all day. It’s cool getting to explore new writing techniques. We also get to do cool things like report on what’s going on around the school. Blog team is a blast and I’m really excited for a new year of leadership blogging!