Friday, December 30, 2016

Winter Break

As the winter break approaches, our class has been discussing family heritage and traditions. We would like to share with you, how some of us enjoy the holidays with our families!
~ Mrs. Licata’s class

My family traditions are; we like to go through the Lightfest and we also like to watch the Christmas Claymation specials on TV. These are some of the things we love to do for Christmas.
~ Kenzie L.

There are many traditions that my family has, but one of the biggest traditions that my family has is that we always put up Christmas decorations.
~ Abby

One of our traditions is reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas”. Another tradition is opening a present on Christmas Eve when Santa flies by. Another tradition is for my sister and me to wake up our parents on Christmas Day by jumping on their bed.
~ Gabby

Some of my family traditions are to go through the Wayne County Lightfest. Another is to decorate our Christmas tree Thanksgiving weekend.
~ Julia

Every holiday, my family and I go to the Wayne County Lightfest. We also bake cookies for Santa. The holidays are the best!
~ Elyse

Each student captured their family tradition in one word.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Goodfellows Canned Food Drive

Our class worked hard during the canned food drive to bring in cans every day for the people that need food.  It wasn't just about the prize of being able to wear pajamas or the bragging rights that the winning class would earn.  It was about helping those in need.  We kept the cans in a box in our classroom and it was fun to watch the cans pile up.  The pile grew and grew until we had to get more boxes every now and then.  Our class is very proud because we did it for a good cause. We brought in a lot of cans because we understood how much it meant to the people that get the food. We thank the Goodfellows for helping us, too!

Mrs. Yost's Class

Friday, December 9, 2016

Seussical the Musical

Hi everyone I am Nadia and I am Jojo in Cooper's Production of Seussical Kids, I am here to talk about the process of Seussical. On audition days it was rough. We learned a dance in about 15 minutes and had to audition by number. I was 30. The next audition was to sing It’s Possible by yourself. The next audition was to read something from a Dr. Seuss book and make it have expression! The production was only performed by 6th graders in vocal class who auditioned.

The cast and I have been working on the production for almost 4 months.  We performed it on Thursday the 8th of December. In the cast, there were about 32 people that got in. I made the egg, bathtub, and helicopter for the musical. Other people volunteered to make other props. The rehearsals were about 1 ½ to 2 hours long.

Seussical was a great experience! I had a lot of fun with the microphones and learning more about directing and producing. One thing that I learned during Seussical was the amount of hard work and effort you and everyone else has to put in the show.  Thank you for reading my blogpost about Seussical!

By Nadia

Thursday, December 1, 2016

How the Makerspace Helps Us Be Innovative

Hello! This is Evan and Robert. We are two sixth grade students at Cooper. We strive to be innovative at Cooper. We do different projects such as a hologram projector called “Holo-box.” Right now we are working on a project called “Helix.” Helix is a touch screen tablet powered with a micro-bit computer called, “Raspberry Pi.” We have come up with three rules for inventing. One, never give up. Two, always make it better. And three, innovate! The only way we can make this happen is with the LMC and the Cooper Makerspace. Evan and I spend a lot of lunches and recesses in the Library (LMC) doing research, etc. We always would like to talk about the Makerspace. The Makerspace is an area for people like us, that our media specialist, Mrs. Judy Bowling created. The space has so many different options to create with. There are things like computers and 3D printers, to yarn and duct tape. The Makerspace also offers a ton of space to assemble things such as a tablet. The way we show others our creations is by going from classroom to classroom. When we look and see everyone's faces so happy and amazed that inspires us to connect with others and keep doing what we are doing. Not only do what we are doing, but make it better. The Makerspace is a wonderful addition to our school and how we interact with one another. Thank You!
By Robert and Evan

Evan and Robbie share their hologram projector, Holo-box.
The Holo-Box was built using a CD case, a cardboard box, dowels, and an iPad
Can you see the fireworks?

Sunday, November 27, 2016


Mrs. Bubar and the students in her 5th grade class reflected on the many things that they are thankful for this Thanksgiving season. 

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and to reflect on our life. I am grateful for so many things. This year, I was blessed with 31 of the most amazing children. They are kind, generous, courageous and loving. We truly are a family. Each and everyone is special to me. They make the school day so enjoyable. Second, I am thankful for my husband and children and grandchildren. That's what Thanksgiving is all about.
Mrs. Bubar

I am thankful for my family, friends, my cat Coco, my Grandma and my teacher Mrs Bubar. I am also thankful for class and all the people in it because they help me out. I am thankful for food and the stores. I am thankful for my mistakes. My mom and dad and brother and sister and I am thankful for everything I learn and my school.

I am thankful for the day of Thanksgiving where everybody can meet like parents, grandparents, pets, relatives, and friends. On Thanksgiving Day everyone is special. Everyone is enjoyable. I am grateful to be in a school with good teachers. That's what Thanksgiving is all about.

I am thankful for having friends around me to help out. I am thankful for my family. That way I have so many people that love me. I'm thankful for doctors and nurses to help cure people. I'm thankful for animals for a loving companion. I am thankful foe scientists that make inventions. I am thankful for school. I am also thankful for the best teacher ever.

I am thankful for my family because they help me with my homework. I'm thankful for my dog because she calms me down when I am stressed. I am thankful for my two best friends. I am thankful for food. I am thankful for my awesome 5th grade teacher.

I'm thankful for family. I'm thankful foe my friends. I'm thankful for food and water. I'm thankful for my home. I'm thankful for a nice teacher that always forgives. I'm thankful for a happy Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for everything I have. I'm thankful for a school. Thanksgiving is not just for the food. It's to be thankful for what we have and to spend time with loved ones.

First: I'm thankful for my teacher Mrs. Bubar because she helps me and wants me to be better in life. Second: I'm thankful for my best friend because he plays with me and helps me with my work.

I am thankful for my family because they are the most important people to me and they have fun with me. I am thankful to be with the nicest teacher in the world. I am thankful to have lots of things like all of my games of all the seasons and my family. I am thankful for Thanksgiving. I am thankful for turkey.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Summer Spree

Summer is coming soon and you know what that means, the Livonia Spree! All the carnival rides you can ride. And all the cotton candy you can eat. A ticket is $15. There is a ferris wheel and other rides for any age. There is also wonderful food. Going all night until the fireworks at the end. So you better get those parking areas quick.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Harry Potter Club

By Jenna
We took the time to get to know what the Harry Potter Club does. “We do lots of crafts, and games based on the books and movies” says Marian, one of the  Presidents of the Harry Potter Club. “My favorite thing to do in the Harry Potter Club is to hang out with my friends,” says Elise a member of The Harry Potter Club. “Another one of my favorite things is to do scavenger hunts." The Harry Potter Club meets every Friday at their Lunch/ Recess time. “ Once I tried to tell my friend about it, but he did not get it at all,” says Ryder, also a member of the Harry Potter Club “The stuff that we do can be confusing to other people, but it's still fun!” The Harry Potter books are written by J.K. Rowling. Only one of the books is 734 pages long (about). More than half of the members have said that they’ve read the whole series. Marian, Kate, and Savannah are the students who lead the club. Hurray, Bravo, give a round of applause for all of these super readers in The Harry Potter Club!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Announcing Our 2016 News Team

Our student-led News Team is up and running. They will be responsible for maintaining this blog and news boards throughout Cooper. They will also be creating a student newsletter and sharing information for our school Tweets. They are an enthusiastic group of students who are eager to share what is happening at Cooper with you!

My name is Sara and I’m on the Student Lighthouse team along with the bloggers team. I truly enjoy writing articles and meeting new people. Being on the bloggers team means the world to me because, I love to gather and report on information. I’m glad to be on the bloggers team this year!

My name is Hunter and I’m on the student PTA and the bloggers for the 2nd year. The reason I wanted to be on the Cooper Blog team this year is that I enjoy writing and giving information. We have a lot more people this year and I’m happy to meet new people and become friends.

My name is Jenna I am on the PTA, Rock Star Savers and am happy to now be entering the blog team. This will be my first year and I am very excited! I love to write. I am also happy to share information and inform people about our school. I think this year's blog is going to be amazing because people on the blog team have come up with some good ideas! I really hope that you read it because this year deserves it!

My name is Alena and last year I was on the Service Squad, but this year I was interested in doing the blogger team.  I was thinking that I should try it out because I thought it would be fun and amazing for all the things we do to help the Cooper students. I enjoy writing articles and other things on the computer and that is why I want to be on the blogger team.

My name is Amber. This will be my first year on the blogger team and I can't wait to start. I wanted to be on the blogger team because I want to help the students know what's going on.  My favorite thing to do in school is writing/typing. I am very excited because everybody on the blog team has AWESOME ideas. I hope students look at what we put on the walls because it could really help them figure out what is going on in school.

My name is Owen. I'm happy to be on the blog team and I'm going to do my best. I wanted to be on the blogger team because I thought it would be fun and I could make more friends. I thought being a blogger would be nice because I like to write stuff and tell people news. I thought it would be cool getting a glimpse at blogging more because they might have blogging in high school. I just think this is going to be a great year.

My name is Kayla. I’m a 6th grader. Last year, I was on Service Squad and Gardening Club. I love to write. I’ve always wanted my own blog. As a Cooper Blogger, I think I can get the students interested in reading blogs.

My name is Anthony. I’m a 5th grader. I’m happy to be on the blog team to blog for Cooper. Last year I was in Roosevelt Elementary. I'm in Ms.Stackpoole’s class.

My name is Amy. I’m a 5th grader. I’m happy that I got chosen to be a blogger. I love to write, this is an awesome job for me. I’m happy to be here. I can’t wait to start blogging. 

My name is Julianna. I am extremely happy that I got picked for this job opportunity because I love writing things and keeping people updated with the world around them! I am excited for the upcoming events and news we will receive and share with the whole school! Have a good year!