Monday, June 9, 2014

Another Fabulous Leadership Year Has Come to a Close

The end of another fabulous leadership year has come to a close. We have learned so much, met so many new people, and learned how to use the 7 Habits. Although the 6th graders are going to become Eagles at Emerson Middle School next year, we hope that they still remember all the fun times that they had at Cooper. With 6th graders moving out, our 4th graders are coming in. They have had the chance to visit Cooper and see what is in store for them in the fall. We have had so many fun opportunities at Cooper like: Career Day, Field Day, Leadership Day, Sixth Grade Camp, The Variety Show, Sixth Grade Musical, and much more. We have learned so much and have gotten so much smarter. We can match pitch with Ms. Danke and Ms. Provencher in vocal music, read musical notes with Ms. Crociata in instrumental, learn new sports with Ms. Kincaide and Ms. Schnettler in physical education, we know the proper way to paint a picture with Ms. Didomenico and Mr. Hicks in art, and we can make our own presentation with Ms. Bowling in library. In math we can find area, volume and perimeter, in social studies we can tell you about Native Americans that lived long ago or which countries have a large amount of population. We can observe animals and their ecosystem in science, and we can write to a prompt in writing. We can all summarize books we read in reading and we can tell you all the 7 Habits in order. Even though we learned so much this year, imagine what we can learn next year and the year after that. We have so much more to look forward to in our future, whether we go to a whole new school or even if we just stay at Cooper. We have really enjoyed writing about our school. It's time to meet the blog members. Emily and Colby will be moving on to 7th grade next year and we hope that Ryan and Lauren will continue to take on the role of being blog leaders. Thanks for checking up on our updates! - Emily, Lauren, Ryan and Colby

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