Sunday, February 22, 2015

Career Day

Career Day is when our student leaders get to learn about other people’s jobs and how leadership plays into their jobs. It was on January 30th this year.

Our 6th grade students took a survey with Mrs. Bowling and our 5th grade students took a survey with Mrs.Garbutt to decide on their 3 favorite jobs. Then all the students were assigned three jobs to attend on Career Day. Everyone got at least one of the jobs they requested.

Some of the jobs that came included: a dance instructor, hotel manager, veterinarian technician, and so much more. During Career Day we had singers singing, a team of students talking about leadership, and cheerleaders doing leadership cheers.
Each student saw 3 different presentations. The three jobs that I got to see were
a human resources manager, the Director of Media -WXYZ-, and the U.S. mechanical engineer.

They all did such a great job!

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