Saturday, May 23, 2015

Baby Chicks in the Classroom

One of Cooper’s 6th grade teachers, Ms. Spence had baby chick eggs for 21 days in her classroom. Here are some things she had to say about her experience with them.

“I've been doing this, just about every year, for my whole career. We have the eggs for 21 days. Students have to turn them 5 times a day in order to keep the embryo from sticking to the shell. Students take both the eggs and the chicks home on the weekends to tend to them. We kept the chicks for a little over a week”

Adrianna, a 6th grader in Ms. Spence's class wrote “A Chick's Life” as if she had been the chick that was hatched out of the egg. Very interesting information!

A Chick’s Life by Adrianna
My life starts out at day 1. It starts after my parents lay me. I become a little dot inside an egg, and I grow throughout 21 days, and then once the 21st day is over, that’s when I'm supposed to be hatched. I grow on top of the yolk and while I'm growing, I'm eating the yolk to make room for me to hatch, because after 2 weeks, I get really big and it’s super tight inside the egg all because of me. But before I hatch, I pop the air bubble, and peck at the egg’s shell.

Now I just hatched yesterday. I need to get well fed and lots of water. My owners need to feed me. The way they feed me is they pour food into one of my cups and the water in the other. They set it in my “room” and let me have at it. Once I finish it all, that’s it for the day. Normally I get super full after everything I did today. Then it’s the owner's job to clean out my cage every other day to clean up my mess.

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