Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Harry Potter Club

By Jenna
We took the time to get to know what the Harry Potter Club does. “We do lots of crafts, and games based on the books and movies” says Marian, one of the  Presidents of the Harry Potter Club. “My favorite thing to do in the Harry Potter Club is to hang out with my friends,” says Elise a member of The Harry Potter Club. “Another one of my favorite things is to do scavenger hunts." The Harry Potter Club meets every Friday at their Lunch/ Recess time. “ Once I tried to tell my friend about it, but he did not get it at all,” says Ryder, also a member of the Harry Potter Club “The stuff that we do can be confusing to other people, but it's still fun!” The Harry Potter books are written by J.K. Rowling. Only one of the books is 734 pages long (about). More than half of the members have said that they’ve read the whole series. Marian, Kate, and Savannah are the students who lead the club. Hurray, Bravo, give a round of applause for all of these super readers in The Harry Potter Club!

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