Thursday, December 1, 2016

How the Makerspace Helps Us Be Innovative

Hello! This is Evan and Robert. We are two sixth grade students at Cooper. We strive to be innovative at Cooper. We do different projects such as a hologram projector called “Holo-box.” Right now we are working on a project called “Helix.” Helix is a touch screen tablet powered with a micro-bit computer called, “Raspberry Pi.” We have come up with three rules for inventing. One, never give up. Two, always make it better. And three, innovate! The only way we can make this happen is with the LMC and the Cooper Makerspace. Evan and I spend a lot of lunches and recesses in the Library (LMC) doing research, etc. We always would like to talk about the Makerspace. The Makerspace is an area for people like us, that our media specialist, Mrs. Judy Bowling created. The space has so many different options to create with. There are things like computers and 3D printers, to yarn and duct tape. The Makerspace also offers a ton of space to assemble things such as a tablet. The way we show others our creations is by going from classroom to classroom. When we look and see everyone's faces so happy and amazed that inspires us to connect with others and keep doing what we are doing. Not only do what we are doing, but make it better. The Makerspace is a wonderful addition to our school and how we interact with one another. Thank You!
By Robert and Evan

Evan and Robbie share their hologram projector, Holo-box.
The Holo-Box was built using a CD case, a cardboard box, dowels, and an iPad
Can you see the fireworks?

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