Friday, December 30, 2016

Winter Break

As the winter break approaches, our class has been discussing family heritage and traditions. We would like to share with you, how some of us enjoy the holidays with our families!
~ Mrs. Licata’s class

My family traditions are; we like to go through the Lightfest and we also like to watch the Christmas Claymation specials on TV. These are some of the things we love to do for Christmas.
~ Kenzie L.

There are many traditions that my family has, but one of the biggest traditions that my family has is that we always put up Christmas decorations.
~ Abby

One of our traditions is reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas”. Another tradition is opening a present on Christmas Eve when Santa flies by. Another tradition is for my sister and me to wake up our parents on Christmas Day by jumping on their bed.
~ Gabby

Some of my family traditions are to go through the Wayne County Lightfest. Another is to decorate our Christmas tree Thanksgiving weekend.
~ Julia

Every holiday, my family and I go to the Wayne County Lightfest. We also bake cookies for Santa. The holidays are the best!
~ Elyse

Each student captured their family tradition in one word.

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