Friday, December 9, 2016

Seussical the Musical

Hi everyone I am Nadia and I am Jojo in Cooper's Production of Seussical Kids, I am here to talk about the process of Seussical. On audition days it was rough. We learned a dance in about 15 minutes and had to audition by number. I was 30. The next audition was to sing It’s Possible by yourself. The next audition was to read something from a Dr. Seuss book and make it have expression! The production was only performed by 6th graders in vocal class who auditioned.

The cast and I have been working on the production for almost 4 months.  We performed it on Thursday the 8th of December. In the cast, there were about 32 people that got in. I made the egg, bathtub, and helicopter for the musical. Other people volunteered to make other props. The rehearsals were about 1 ½ to 2 hours long.

Seussical was a great experience! I had a lot of fun with the microphones and learning more about directing and producing. One thing that I learned during Seussical was the amount of hard work and effort you and everyone else has to put in the show.  Thank you for reading my blogpost about Seussical!

By Nadia

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