Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Problem Solving and Pop-Up Books

In math class, Mrs. deCarli's and Mrs. Santi's classes have been studying problem solving with Mrs. deCarli. Mrs. deCarli showed us her pop-up book collection to inspire us to create our own story problem pop-up books. We enjoy math much more when we do hands-on activities in class. Our assignment was to create a pop-up book that included a multi-step story problem with illustrations. We also had to write the number model with a variable and include the solution to the problem. We hope you enjoy viewing some of our sample pop-up books.

Mrs. deCarli's and Mrs. Santi's Students

Top from left:  Brianna, Gavin and Charlotte C.
Bottom from left: Charlotte A. and Leah



Top from left: Noah, Lydia, and Joe
Bottom: Kylie

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